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Web2Carz Screen CaptureAre you thinking about applying for an auto loan at Web2Carz? There are a few things that you should know about their car buying service that are included in our Web2Carz review.

When you have bad credit, most banks will not lend money to you directly. They will however, work with dealerships in your area and provide financing indirectly. Generally speaking, applying with your local bank will only lower your credit score further, with multiple credit inquiries. Although, your credit score is not affected when you check your credit score and report, yourself.

Web2Carz has assembled a national dealer network of car dealerships that have a special finance department (bad credit), simplifying the process of applying and getting approved for bad credit car loans. They’ve worked out arrangements identifying the minimum income and various other requirements that applicants need in order to get approved for special financing arrangements through car dealerships and indirect bad credit car loan lenders. This makes the process of buying a car with bad credit, very simple for you.

If short, if you have an income of at least $375.00 per week and have been with your current employer and residence for at least 12 months, it is highly likely that Web2Carz can find a company that can help you to get a car loan with a reasonable interest rate.

More information about qualifying with Web2Carz is as follows…

Income Requirements

You must make at least $375.00 per week. This can include child support and alimony, as well as, retirement or social security income. Your total gross income is taken into consideration when applying, so what you earn before taxes is the amount to use on the application form.


If you have an active bankruptcy that has not been discharged, Web2Carz probably won’t be able to do anything for you. Very few lenders will loan money to anyone that is in an active bankruptcy. However, if you do have permission from the bankruptcy court to incur new debt, you may be able to obtain financing. For most situations, all bankruptcies must be discharged. This includes Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If you need a fresh start after a bankruptcy, Web2Carz has companies within their network that can help you to do that, with a fresh auto loan.


If you have had a repossession within the last 12 months, it has to either be a part of a bankruptcy that is discharged, or you probably won’t qualify for an auto loan. If your repossession is over 12 months old, apply with confidence. Multiple repossessions will typically not allow you to qualify.

Time at Current Residence

In order to qualify for acceptance in the Web2Carz network, you should have lived at your current home address for at least 12 months. The longer, the better. This is a common factor that many lenders look at when evaluating the stability of an applicant.

Time at Current Employer

If you just started your job last week, that’s not so good. Although if you’ve worked in the same field for a long time, that’s better. Web2Carz states that applicants should have been employed with their current employer for at least 12 months. This is a sign of job stability that will help you when your application is reviewed by a bad credit car loan company that you are matched with.

Web2Carz Review Summary

Web2Carz provides a car loan service that is easy to use and that has liberal acceptance requirements. If you earn over $375.00 per week and have been at your current residence and employer for at least 12 months, there is a very good chance that Web2Carz will have you driving a new set of wheels quickly.

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